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meet the sisters

We have always been close sisters and look out for each other even when playing sport together while growing up in Hong Kong. We now use those team work skills in the business today.


Fashion and style have always been an interest to Emma. She started off by running her own market stall, and I soon realised she needed support and that is when I came on the scene full time, quitting my job as a Landscape Architect.

Emma's designs are inspired by her passion for the global environment and her wildlife conservation work, so vibrant colours and animals are naturally a dominant theme in her print designs.


The demands of running all aspects of the business means she is fully absorbed all day, in particular sourcing eco and ethical textiles that aren’t always easily accessible, so everything takes time to develop and produce the collections we are so proud of.

I love that so much thought and consideration has gone into Emma’s clothing. I virtually live in them as they are so comfortable, stylish and I feel good for my daily needs in addition to yoga, pilates, running in Greenwich Park…..

As practising yogis, we discovered that many other yogis love our clothes too. So we decided to introduce our clothes at yoga festivals and shows around the UK.


Our goal is to use our work to make a difference, and have fun doing it.

Rachael xx



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