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Our ALL -INCLUSIVE and most versatile product, "The Wrap" has been a favourite for many of our customers, especially during the summertime. Apart from being super soft, the popularity of this product is its ability to always adapt to its environment - how it can CHANGE! We spent many years developing ways to wear it but ultimately it is up to the person wearing "The Wrap" to innovate and make it work in the situation at the time. We have seen "The Wrap" magically transform in so many different situations and it looking different each time.

It is up to you to make the CHANGE! 

With this in mind, we believe "The Wrap" is the perfect symbol for CHANGE and would be a good time to launch our new campaign #wraps4change, it is an initiative to support organisations fighting against specific problems for a period of 3 months. So we keep CHANGING and spread the LOVE because it ALL MATTERS!!! With every wrap we sell, we will donate £1 to the cause. 

To start, we are are supporting the non-profit organisation ActBlue,  tackling racism and police brutality. ActBlue is a platform for donations, and in this case we are allocating funds raised to these individual groups:

  • Black Lives Matter Global Network

  • National Bail Out

  • Know Your Rights Camp

  • Black Voters Matter Fund

  •  The National Police Accountability Project

  • Colour of Change Education Fun 

  • Unicorn Riot

  • Campaign Zero

  • Advancement Project

  • The Marshall Project​

All-Inclusive Wrap; Any Colour/Race, Gender, Religion, Age, Shape and Size and Occasion

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